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The Brooklyn Brothers Beat the Best
USA, 2011, 97 min., Color

Everyone loves to root for the underdog. In BROOKLYN BROTHERS BEAT THE BEST, we get to root for the “undermoose”.

In this musically hilarious quarter-life crisis road movie, rookie writer-director Ryan O’Nan stars as Alex, who’s recently been dumped by his girlfriend and his band and who hates his drab job in a real estate office. Eventually his odd music gigs, including singing to kids while dressed like a moose, cause friction in his office and he loses his job. Jim, a fan of Alex’s music, convinces him to begin a journey across the nation on a battle of the bands tour. While on this bizarre trek they meet the lovely Cassidy, an inexperienced tour manager who will either take them to the next level or break Alex’s heart.

Filled with great cameos from Jason Ritter, Melissa Leo, Wilmer Valderrama, Andrew McCarthy and others, BROOKLYN BROTHERS BEATS THE BEST celebrates creativity and the healing power of friendship. The songs are so good you’ll be downloading its music onto your phone before the film is over.

— James Faust
Executive Producer
Sergio Aguero, Sandra Berman, Sandy Berman, Mark G. Mathis, Ruth Mutch
Ryan O’Nan
Ryan O’Nan
Jason Michael Berman, Kwesi Collisson
Gavin Kelly
Annette Davey
Rob Simonsen
Production Design
Ola Maslik
Ryan O'Nan, Michael Weston, Arielle Kebbel, Jason Ritter, Wimer Valderrama, Christopher McDonald, Melissa Leo

Director Bio

San Diego, CA native Ryan O’Nan is a writer, director and actor. He has written for the US version of the television series Skins and has two upcoming major acting roles: alongside Robert DeNiro and Forrest Whitaker in FREELANCERS and with Wynona Ryder, James Franco and others in THE ICEMAN. He's also appeared in THE DRY LAND and YOU’VE GOT MALE. THE BROOKLYN BROTHERS BEAT THE BEST is his feature writing and directing debut.

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