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Texas Competition
Presented by: Panavision

Cinema Six
USA, 2012, 79 min.

Mason, Dennis and Gabe have worked at the Stanton Family Cinemas for longer than they want to remember, but long enough that they don’t want to leave. Most of their time is spent messing with customers, watching fellow employees work out relationship issues, and basically slacking off—but at a cost.

Mason has a wife and child (and another on the way) and struggles with adulthood’s demands. Does he ask his father–in-law for a job, or does he stay with the Cinema? Dennis dropped out of college after his fiancée cheated on him. Gabe is considering college but fears both success and failure. Insert a bevy of crazy moviegoers and a ton of popcorn buttered up with personal triumph and self-realization and you have a tight, funny film sure to make the Grinch smile before Christmas.

With a winning recipe of humor, humanity and heart, CINEMA SIX is a rare commodity: a film with classic comic timing executed by new voices in adult comedic cinema.

— James Faust
Executive Producer
Reilly Smith
Mark Potts, Cole Selix
Mark Potts, Cole Selix
Don Swaynos, Nick Tankersley and Kelly Williams
Clay Liford
Don Swaynos
Lyman Hardy
John Merriman, Mark Potts, Brand Rackley, Byron Brown, Lindsey Newell, Heather Wallis, Madi Goff, Chris Doubek, Cole Selix, Kevin M. Brennan, Maggie Carey, Barry Corbin

Director Bio

Mark Potts didn’t initially want to be a filmmaker. He actually wanted to be a baseball player, but after discovering Twinkies at an early age, he gained too much weight to continue in the sport. Potts and longtime friend Cole Selix, both Oklahoma University grads, co-created the narrative features SIMMONS ON VINYL and THE STANTON FAMILY GRAVE ROBBERY and the shorts S&M LAWN CARE and KANE.

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