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Documentary Feature Competition
Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare
USA, 2012, 99 min., Color

The United States has a disease management system, not a healthcare system. It’s broken and doesn’t want change—but it will be forced to change through crisis. This is the position of the engaging and intelligent documentary, ESCAPE FIRE: THE FIGHT TO RESCUE AMERICAN HEALTHCARE, and the issue is not limited to US healthcare—it spans the health of our entire nation.

The medical industry is examined through powerful interviews and stories from healthcare professionals, policy makers and everyday patients with our citizens’ well being in mind. We follow the bad through a community center doctor in Oregon who, instead of scheduling longer patient visits to determine their true problems, must see as many patients as possible a day to keep her doors open. We follow the tragic through young war veteran, Sgt. Robert Yates, who is hooked on drugs the US military prescribed to him; finally on his way home, he desperately seeks an alternative. And we follow success through grocery chain Safeway, which incentivized healthy behavior among its employees and improved productivity and morale. Such dramatic and inspiring stories prove to be strong arguments for not just change, but the inherent potential of our system if applied properly.

ESCAPE FIRE not only provides clarity in a world hyped by politics and confusing debate, it offers solutions for creating a patient-centered, preventative framework for healthcare—what the system’s bottom line really should be.

— Sarah Harris
Executive Producer
Doug Scott
Matthew Heineman, Susan Froemke
Matthew Heineman, Susan Fromke
Wolfgang Held
Bradley Ross
Moby and Chad Kelly

Director Bio

Matthew Heineman recently completed OUR TIME, a feature documentary about what it’s like to be young in America today. He has also directed a number of short films and commercials. Susan Froemke is a four‐time Emmy Award-winning director with more than 30 documentary films to her credit, from GREY GARDENS to LALEE’S KIN, an HBO film that earned her an Academy Award nomination. Heineman and Froemke first collaborated on the Emmy-nominated HBO series THE ALZHEIMER’S PROJECT.