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Texas Competition
Presented by: Panavision

USA, 2012, 90 min., Color

Some say everyone has something to hide. It seems in recent years that “the church” has had its fair share of secrets exposed. Houses of safety and worship are now scrutinized and besieged by picketers and distrust. WOLF takes an unflinching look at one family’s struggle to find peace and justice after spiritual tragedy.

In writer-director Ya’Ke Smith’s film, a family discovers that the pastor of their church has molested their son. The blow to their religious psyche cuts across every facet of their existence. As they struggle to weather the storm, the film explores the earth-shattering repercussions of this heinous act. Smith has assembled a solid cast of new and veteran actors to tackle an all-too-topical subject that examines the darker side of faith, spirituality, sexuality and forgiveness.

Ya’Ke Smith’s first feature film is an at times difficult but powerful expose of the secrets we don’t want to believe but need to know.

— James Faust
Ya'Ke Smith
Ya'Ke Smith
Ya'Ke Smith, Ralph Lopez, Derek Lee Nixon
Yuta Yamaguchi
Ya'Ke Smith
Mikala Gibson, Shelton Jolivette, Jordan Cooper, Eugene Lee, Irma Hall

Director Bio

Ya’Ke Smith's films have screened and won awards at over 80 film festivals. He is the recipient of a Director’s Guild of America Student Film Award, an HBO Short Film Award and a Black Reel Award, among others. His latest short film, KATRINA'S SON, was eligible for a 2012 Academy Award.

Screenings Co-presented by:
Texas Black Film Festival, Dallas Video Festival