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2011, 90 min., English

Before introverted word nerd Zoe gains the courage to enter the National Scrabble Championship, she meets her emotional match in Marty, an irascible recluse. She finds him equally pitted against the opposing forces in her life—other people and self doubt—including family, co-workers and a couple particularly irksome adversaries standing in the way of her dream to become the world's second female National Scrabble Champion. Together they try to figure out what it's like to be happy.

Shot in Chicago on donated equipment and with final funding via Kickstarter, QWERTY is a film about love and Scrabble, wordplay and word games, and making something from what looks like nothing.

— Mike Daniel
Bill Sebastian
Juliet McDaniel
Dana Pupkin, Eric Hailey, Joel Wiersema, Jeff Garretson, Claire Tuft, Bill Redding, Katherine Banks, Mike McNamara, Kate Froehlich, Rich Baker, Sandy Gulliver, Dan Flannery, Diana Simonzadeh, Sean Patrick, Eliza Toser, Kristin Broadwell, Jake Jarvi, Bruce Spielbauer