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USA, 2013, 95 min., Color

Against the backdrop of the American Old West, newlyweds Miguel and Sarah struggle to make a living cultivating their small patch of land. Soon a much bigger problem arises as powerful landowner and community preacher Prophet Josiah makes a play for their property. As he launches his diabolical plot to take their land, an eccentric big-city sheriff comes to town. Things soon go from bad to worse, culminating in a jaw-dropping, hell-hath-no-fury showdown.

Sweetwater boldly establishes its own identity while remaining true to the tenets of the western genre. Wonderfully cinematic, this expressive tale is superbly directed by the Miller brothers, who extract strong performances from the ensemble cast. Ed Harris is especially striking in a bravura role as the sheriff. With the magnificent New Mexico countryside as their canvas, the Miller brothers imaginatively stroke their cinematic brush across an intense but humorous film.

— Trevor Groth, Sundance Film Festival
Executive Producer
Trevor Drinkwater, Tucker Moore, Steve Bannon, Glenn Kendrick Ackermann, Rick Benattar, Andrew J. Curtis, Jonathan English, Philipp Menz, Stefan Menz
Logan Miller
based on a story by Andrew McKenzie, Andrew McKenzie, Logan Miller, Noah Miller
Jason Netter, Logan Noah Miller
Brad Shield
Robert Dalva
Martin Davich
Production Design
Waldemar Kalinowski
Ed Harris, January Jones, Jason Isaacs, Eduardo Noriega, Jason Aldean, Stephen Root

Director Bio

Noah and Logan Miller are a writing and directing duo of identical twins. Before their father passed away in 2007, the brothers had promised him they would not only create a film based on his life but one starring Ed Harris in the lead role. Despite no Hollywood experience or financing in place, the Miller brothers convinced Harris to accept the role, and the result was TOUCHING HOME, their feature film directorial debut. SWEETWATER, directed by Logan and co-written by both brothers, also stars Ed Harris, along with January Jones and Jason Isaacs.

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