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Still Mine
2012, 103 min., Color

At home in rural New Brunswick, Canada, retired couple Craig (James Cromwell) and wife Irene (Geneviéve Bujold) are used to doing things their way. While industrial architecture dominates the landscape, the Morrisons have maintained their traditional farm and slower-paced way of life. Even when Irene falls ill, Craig decides to build a new, more suitable home rather than leaving behind the land they’ve loved for decades. But their plans are stalled when government inspector Rick (Jonathon Potts) makes it his personal mission to shut down progress on the new house.

Based on a true story, STILL MINE is partly about the battle between modernity and tradition, where Craig and Rick are guided by their separate ideas of authority. But at its heart, the film is also a deep-running love story between a couple in their twilight years, fighting for their right to live their lives together as they see fit.

Executive Producer
Richard Hanet
Michael McGowan
Michael Mcgowan
Jody Colero, Tamara Deverell, Avi Federgreen, Michael McGowan
Brendan Steacy
Roderick Deogrades
Hugh Marsh, Don Rooke, Michelle Willis
Production Design
Tamara Deverell
James Cromwell, Genevieve Bujold

Director Bio

Michael McGowan is a Canadian filmmaker who graduated from the University of North Carolina with a Bachelor of Arts in English. After returning to his native Toronto, he worked as a journalist and writer for the children’s television show Henry’s World. His film SAINT RALPH won the Outstanding Achievement in Direction from the Director’s Guild of Canada as well as Best Feature Film from the Writer’s Guide of Canada.

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