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Narrative Feature Grand Jury Prize Winner - Radiator
UK, 2014, 93 min., Color, English, French

The Narrative Grand Jury Prize Winner as chosen by the Narrative Feature Jury. The winner will be announced on Friday, April 11 at DFS Honors.

If we’re lucky, we grow old. Some grow gracefully and some grow grumpily. Regardless, the circle of life can be beautifully brutal. It’s great to have someone to share your twilight years with; It’s even better if you have children to return the favor of care and protection…, even if they don't always know how or where to start.

RADIATOR is the story of how in the end we all become the parents of our parents. Leonard and Maria live in splendid isolation in the kind of chaos not seen since Grey Gardens. However, old age has caught up with them and their son Daniel arrives to help—from there begins an acute, painful, but darkly comic examination of family life and love.

First time writer/director, Tom Browne, intricately deals with life’s waning years through gentle truths that champion family, commitment and unquestioned love.

— James Faust
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