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Narrative Feature Audience Award Winner - Thunder Broke The Heavens
USA, 2015, 91 min., Color

The best Narrative Feature as chosen by DIFF audiences. The winner will receive a cash prize of $3,500 from the Arthur E. Benjamin Foundation, Sheri Deterling and Geoff Hawkes and will be announced on Friday, April 17 at DFS Honors.

Writer/director, Tim Skousens’ film, THUNDER BROKE THE HEAVENS is the type of coming age drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat and ultimately breaks your heart.

Brutal and tragic circumstances force 13-year-old Samantha and her 6 year-old brother William Paul to be placed in the foster care system. As their new home becomes increasingly more abusive, they steal some supplies (including a guitar) and decide to run away. They find an abandoned shack in the woods and plan to make a life for themselves there.

Things start out pretty well for the pair, but alone in the woods with out medication and adult supervision things start to unravel quickly. The food runs out and William Paul becomes ill. Samantha has some tough decisions to make and little time to make them.

THUNDER BROKE THE HEAVENS is a tale about clinging to the most precious thing you have when you’ve lost everything… your family, or what’s left of it.

— James Faust
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