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The Rebound
USA, 2015, 60 min., Color

After a disappointing loss during the national championships, local wheelchair basketball team the Miami Heat Wheels are ready to come back together and give their all in the forthcoming season. In community-supported wheelchair basketball programs across the country, players push each other physically, mentally and emotionally in order to succeed against the odds, struggling with the challenges of dedicating oneself to a sport that does not garner the recognition or resources granted to other professional athletic organizations—wheelchair basketball is all too often regarded as a sort of charity instead of the riveting competitive sport that it is. The Miami Heat Wheels are ready for their second shot at winning the nationals, but lack of funds and personal problems threaten to put an end to the dream before the season reaches its tension-riddled conclusion.

Shaina Allen’s engrossing, groundbreaking and ultimately inspiring documentary debut focuses on the unique camaraderie forged between men who find hope, comfort and an exhilarating sense of purpose playing a sport in which their powerful, well trained bodies are not considered to be lacking in anything.

— Miami Film Festival
Executive Producer
J.W. Dicks, Nick Nanton
Shaina Koren Allen
Marshall Davis Jones
Michael Esposito
Shaina Koren Allen
Jeremy Bircher, Shaina Koren Allen
Abel Okugawa

Director Bio
Shaina Koren Allen is an award winning cinematographer, director, editor and the co-founder of Shaina Koren Cinematography. She has led THE REBOUND production team since day 1 of stepping on the court and inside the world of wheelchair basketball. In 2013, Shaina co-founded Shaina Koren Cinematography, a video production company specializing in making a positive impact through creative wedding cinematography, brand storytelling and documentary films. Through her work, Shaina aims to create stories that have the potential to make a positive impact on the world and change perspectives. THE REBOUND is her feature film debut.
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