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USA, 2016, 80 min., Color, B/W
It’s common for a film to have one—maybe two—dream sequences that add clarity to the broader narrative. COLLECTIVE:UNCONSCIOUS is a film made up of five dream sequences sans the broader narrative.

Each of the five dreams is an adaptation of a real dream had by one of the five filmmakers: A high school gym teacher runs drills inside a volcano; the grim reaper hosts a game show; a woman battles a creature growing inside her; and a man (Frank Mosley) and his grandmother hide from an ominous broadcast.

Directors include Lily Baldwin, Frances Bodomo (Grand Jury Prize Winner at the 2014 Dallas International Film Festival), Daniel Patrick Carbone, Josephine Decker, and Lauren Wolkstein. By bringing their own dreams to life in COLLECTIVE:UNCONSCIOUS, the directors transport viewers to a place between sleep and consciousness.
— Daniel Laabs
Executive Producer
Dan Schoenbrun
Lily Baldwin, Frances Bodomo, Daniel Patrick Carbone, Josephine Decker, Lauren Wolkstein
Jamal Batts, Lily Baldwin, Frances Bodomo, Daniel Patrick Carbone, Mariama Diallo, Lauren Wolkstein, Dan Schoenbrun
Daniel Patrick Carbone, Chanelle Elaine, Kara Elverson, Andrew Houchens, Elizabeth Rao, Dan Schoenbrun, Zachary Shedd, Valerie Steinberg, Laurie Thomas
Nick Bentgen, Chananun Chotrungroj, Zachary Galler, Dagmar Weaver-Madsen, H. Paul Moon
Frank Mosley, Will Blomker, Lily Baldwin, Tonya Pinkins, Daniel Ryan, Ryan Cassata, Sanda Weigl, MJ Frank, Michael Dempsey, Jamal Batts

Director Bio
COLLECTIVE:UNCONSCIOUS is a five-person supergroup of acclaimed independent filmmakers working at the intersection between narrative and surrealism. They have been supported by places like Sundance, SXSW, Berlin, Tribeca, and IFP, and have been praised by The New York Times, The New Yorker, Indiewire, and Filmmaker Magazine.
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