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How Heavy This Hammer
Canada, 2015, 75 min., Color
A married father of two nearing middle age, Erwin (Erwin Van Cotthem) is not quite an outcast, but as his life slowly starts to unravel we begin to understand just how far outside the social order he truly is. He spends all of his free time playing fantasy games online. When not on the computer, Erwin is a barely conscious entity: virtually everything else in his life is a distraction and an annoyance (including his wife and children), and his only physical exercise is rugby, where he uses his bulk to his advantage and releases his usually sublimated aggression.
A touching yet infuriating example of our society's mysterious ability to freeze men in adolescence, Erwin is both conscious of and frustrated by his stunted existence, but is either unwilling or incapable of getting out of his rut. Empathetic but pragmatic, HOW HEAVY THIS HAMMER is a funny, forlorn vision of North American masculinity at a crossroads.
— Toronto International Film Festival
Kazik Radwanski
Kazik Radwanski
Daniel Montgomery, Kazik Radwanski
Nikolay Michaylov
Ajla Odobasic
Erwin Van Cotthem, Kate Ashley, Seth Kirsh, April Skye, Andrew Latter

Director Bio
Award winning independent filmmaker Kazik Radwanski was born in Toronto. He studied filmmaking at Ryerson University and co-founded the film production company MDFF. His short film, PRINCESS MARGARET BLVD, won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film at the 2008 Dallas International Film Festival. In 2010, Radwanski's short film GREEN CRAYONS also played the Festival and received a Special Jury Prize for Directing. Other film work includes short films OUT IN THE DEEP BLUE SEA (2009) CUTAWAY(2012), and his feature debut, TOWER (2012).
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