Narrative Feature Competition
A juried competition featuring the best of international cinema.
In View
Ireland, 2016, 90 min., Color
IN VIEW follows Ruth, an Irish cop, as she nears the end of a long grieving process for the loss of her baby and husband, and ultimately herself.

Played by a worn Caoilfhionn Dunne, Ruth’s only solace comes from the bottle. Her depression and alcoholism manifest in manic extremes of passivity and anger, indifference and violence.

Two camps comprise Ruth’s closest—yet still distant—circle: those who blame and those who forgive. Yet Ruth cannot see beyond her most pressing critic: herself. Eventually her unyielding guilt forces Ruth to confront her past mistakes and choose a path toward redemption.

Writer/Director Ciaran Creagh painfully captures how depression and alcoholism eat away at Ruth’s existence, as well as the lives of many in Ireland. Creagh’s forgiving treatment of Ruth makes her final act one that cannot be easily written off as cowardice or selfish, but rather as an attempt to find lightness in the dark.
— Alyssa Davis
Ciaran Creagh
Ciaran Creagh
Dave Byrne, Ciaran Creagh, Simon Doyle
David Grennan
Tony Cranstoun
Ciarán McMenamin, Stuart Graham, Caoilfhionn Dunne

Director Bio

Ciaran Creagh is an award-winning screenwriter and director from Dublin, Ireland. In addition to film, he has written both for television and the stage. He directed the short films THE PICNIC (2015) and THE NOTE (2015), and wrote the screenplay for the award-winning independent film PARKED (2010). IN VIEW is is first feature.
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