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Films that fall outside other categories yet merit their own screenings.
Far From Heaven
USA/France, 2002, 107 min., Color
A Todd Haynes film can never fully be enjoyed at face value. They require a more thoughtful read. The story of a housewife’s world falling apart in the 1950's is merely a canvas for one of the 2000's most densely layered films. What better way to contextualize FAR FROM HEAVEN than through a conversation with Haynes's creative partner and cinematographer Ed Lachman, our 2016 Dallas Star Award Recipient.

Every shot in FAR FROM HEAVEN is a portrait that echoes the emotional state of its characters. The interior battle of Dennis Quaid’s Frank combatting with his exterior desires is fabulously projected with the vibrant lighting in the all men's bar. Cathy’s (Julianne Moore) world is changing with the colors of the leaves in her autumn garden.

Looking back on FAR FROM HEAVEN following the achievements of CAROL—still fresh in our memory—the film remains a perfect successor to the traditions established by cinema of Douglas Sirk. FAR FROM HEAVEN is many things, a social commentary, a lesson in film history, a time capsule, but above all it is a beautiful picture.

After the screening, Cinematographer and Dallas Star Award Honoree Edward Lachman will be in attendance to discuss his work on this film and others.
— Daniel Laabs
Executive Producer
George Clooney, Eric Robison, John Sloss, Steven Soderbergh, John Wells, Tracy Brimm
Todd Haynes
Todd Haynes
Jody Allen, Declan Baldwin, Brad Simpson, Christine Vachon
Edward Lachman
James Lyons
Elmer Bernstein
Julianne Moore, Dennis Quaid, Dennis Haysbert, Viola Davis, Patricia Clarkson

Director Bio

Award-winning director, producer and screenwriter Todd Haynes studied art and semiotics at Brown University. He began his career directing short films before making his feature debut with POISON (1991). Haynes later directed and wrote the screenplay for FAR FROM HEAVEN, which was nominated for both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay in 2003. In 2011, he directed the popular HBO miniseries, Mildred Pierce. He was nominated for a 2016 Golden Globe for Best Director for his latest feature, the critically acclaimed and Oscar nominated film CAROL (2015).
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