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Believe Me
USA, 2014, 99 min., Color

When Sam Weller convinces his fellow college seniors that they should create a fake Christian charity as a means to drum up tuition money, their scheme eventually changes course and they get a lot more than they expected. Sam and his cohorts quickly go from the typical keg-stand, frat party experience to touring the Christian circuit, where impassioned believers take in their every word. As “Project Get Wells Soon” begins to take on a life of its own, the guys are suddenly faced with accountability and a crisis of faith. So what happens when the con artists start to fall for their own con? Is it possible for them to believe their own message? In the hands of some of television’s brightest stars, this is a brilliant send-up that in turn becomes wonderfully redemptive. Informed humor, deft direction and spot-on performances round out this clever satire.

—Bridgette Poe

Executive Producer
Jim Kozlowski, Barry Twomey
Will Bakke
Michael B. Allen, Will Bakke
Alex Carroll
John W Rutland
Will Bakke, Shane Hazen
Hanan Townshend
Production Design
George T. Morrow
Alex Russell, Max Adler, Sinqua Walls, Miles Fisher, Johanna Braddy, Christopher McDonald, Zachary Knighton, Nick Offerman

Director Bio
Will Bakke is an award-winning filmmaker out of Austin, Texas. While in college, he wrote and developed a comedy series that landed him among the “Top 25 Filmmakers on Campus” presented by MTVU. Some of his awards include “Best Documentary” at the Maranatha International Film Festival, a nomination for “Best Feature Film” at the Pan Pacfici Film Festival, and an official selection into the Toronto International Christian Film Festival.
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