Narrative Feature Competition
The winner of the Narrative Feature Competition is selected by a jury.
USA, 2014, 99 min., Color

Being a kid is great. Hanging out with your friends, riding dirt bikes, sort of talking to girls and lighting things on know, kid stuff. In Kat Candler’s HELLION, youthful innocence is tested, twisted and run through flaming hoop of heavy metal music under the hot South Texas sun.

Obsessed with heavy metal, dirt bike racing and the occasional act of vandalism, 13-year-old Jacob Wilson has begun to raise concerns around town, especially when his antics start to involve his younger brother, Wes. While the boys’ father, Hollis, loves his sons, he is still reeling from the loss of their mother. Hollis spends more time drowning his sorrows in a six pack or working on his damaged beach house than being an active parent. As a result, one day child protective services take young Wes away from his brother and father, placing him in the custody of his Aunt Pam. Hollis and Jacob are left to fend for themselves.

Loosely based on the international hit short film of the same name, Candler’s debut feature is visceral and loudly compassionate. With spectacular cinematography and breakout performances, HELLION examines the growing pains of youth in an honest and captivating way. At the end of this film everyone will feel like letting their own little Hellion out…and that’s a good thing.

-- James Faust

Executive Producer
Janice Beard, Tanner Beard, Sarah Green, Jeff Nichols, Suzanne Weinert
Kat Candler
Kat Candler
Jonathan Duffy, Kelly Williams
Brett Pawlak
Alan Canant
Production Design
Deneice O’Connor
Aaron Paul, Juliette Lewis, Josh Wiggins, Deke Garner, Jonny Mars, Walt Roberts

Director Bio
Atlanta-born Kat Candler is a director, writer, producer and editor now based in Austin, Texas who divides her time between filmmaking and lecturing on film production at the University of Texas. Her directing credits include CICADAS, LOVE BUG, and BLACK METAL, the latter of which won her the Short Grand Jury Prize at the 2013 Dallas International Film Festival.
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