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Private Violence
USA, 2013, 81 min., Color

One in four women will be abused by a domestic partner in her lifetime. The question most people ask of these female victims is “why didn’t you leave?”

In PRIVATE VIOLENCE, filmmaker Cynthia Hill exposes the complexities and frustrations of this widespread problem by following two women and their stories of survival. Kit survived a violent relationship and now acts as an advocate for other women who are struggling. During her work, she meets Deanna, a young mother who survived a kidnapping and horrific beating from her estranged husband.

Deanne has decided to seek justice for herself. We watch as she transforms, slowly leaving the life of violence she was once trapped in. This skillful documentary shows how the criminal justice system and society often fail these women, leaving them with very few places to turn when worse comes to worse. PRIVATE VIOLENCE tackles a difficult subject and challenges us with ideas and questions that could change the way our society treats domestic violence.

-- Sarah Harris

Executive Producer
Cindy Waitt, Gloria Steinem, Regina K. Scully, Julie Benello, Wendy Ettinger, Judith Helfand
Cynthia Hill
Rex Miller
Tom Vickers
Chuck Johnson

Director Bio
Cynthia Hill is a North Carolina director, cinematographer, producer and editor who fell in love with filmmaking while studying for her graduate degree in Pharmacy Administration at Auburn University. She began her film production career in health education media and in Los Angeles as an editor for GLC Productions then returned to her native Durham to focus on filmmaking. Her films and TV credits include A CHEF’S LIFE, THE GUEST WORKER and TOBACCO MONEY FEEDS MY FAMILY. In 2002 she co-founded the Southern Documentary Fund, a nonprofit that offers fiscal scholarship for Southern-related media projects.
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