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The Spearhead Effect
USA, 2017, 88 min., Color, English

Reeling from the brutal murder of his mother, Jake uses his popular blog to highlight police corruption and apathy, leading to a rash of internal investigations of police departments across the country, and sparking a nation-wide vigilante movement called "The Pioneers." Jake eventually finds himself at the center of a media firestorm, as well as the focus of vengeful police officers. He hides out with a childhood friend who eventually leads Jake to join a Pioneers group himself. But when he expresses disgust at the level of violent torture they inflict on their captives, Jake soon becomes the group's prime target.

Caleb Smith, Brandon Moore
Caleb Smith, Brandon Moore
Sevdije Kastrati
Rane Jameson, Leif Steinert, Caleb Smith

Director Bio

Caleb Smith is a writer and director who is also known for his acting work on network shows such as ABC’s THE CATCH and MODERN FAMILY. After studying film at Yale, he started the production company Maelstrom with Brandon Moore. THE SPEARHEAD EFFECT represents their feature debut. The duo has also sold an original TV series to Astronauts Wanted.

Brandon Moore is a writer and director who got his start in the mailroom at International Creative Management. He worked as a creative executive at Room 101 before co-founding Maelstrom with Smith. In addition to THE SPEARHEAD EFFECT, Moore is developing a comedy pilot with renowned director Stephen Gaghan.
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