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Films from Latin America that speak a cinematic language all their own

X500 (X Quinientos)
Canada/Colombia/Mexico, 2016, 108 min., Color, Spanish, English, French, Tagalog, and Mazahua with English subtitles

The jungle of Colombia, the mountains of Mexico, and the city of Montreal are the settings in which three independent migrant stories unfold; however, more than mere backgrounds, the locations serve almost as characters in writer-director Juan Andres Arango’s transnational drama.

The film follows three young migrants as they struggle to adapt or attempt to escape. For all three, music provides some relief while family and life present them with challenges. The film’s grounded realism, both with the settings and the experiences of the characters, turns empathy into a defining trait of the story.

Ultimately, X500 shows how the worst distances and borders, the ones that don’t make us feel at home, are the ones between people.

— Alex Garcia Topete
Juan Andrés Arango Garcia
Juan Andrés Arango Garcia
Nicolas Canniccioni
Felipe Guerrero
Jembie Almazan, Jonathan Diaz Angulo, Bernardo Garnica Cruz

Director Bio

Juan Andrés Arango Garcia is a Columbian cinematographer, writer and director based in Canada. He studied Cinematography and Television at the National University of Columbia, where he wrote and directed his first film ELOISA Y LAS NIEVES. In 2012, Juan made his feature directorial debut with LA PLAYA DC. X500 is his latest feature.
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