Documentary Feature Competition
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USA, 2017, 105 min., Color

Filmmed with vérité intimacy over the course of a decade, the documentary feature debut of director Jonathan Olshefski is a portrait of a family living in North Philadelphia. Set against the backdrop of a country engulfed in turmoil, and a neighborhood assaulted by inequality and neglect, it follows Christopher “Quest” Rainey, and his wife Christine’a, “Ma Quest,” as they raise their children and nurture the creative sanctuary offered by their home music studio. The family evolves before our eyes, and what begins as a tender depiction of an American family develops into a stunning illumination of race, class, and community.

QUEST begs viewers to take notice. The Rainey clan will have audiences clutching their hearts in a visceral display of admiration. Ultimately, it reflects the profound beauty of one family whose journey is a testament to love and healing and whose resilience provides hope for a nation torn apart.

— Sundance Film Festival
Jonathan Olshefski
Sabrina Schmidt Gordon
Lindsay Utz
Christopher "Quest" Rainey, James Rainey, Patricia "PJ" Rainey, William Withers Price

Director Bio

Jonathan Olshefski is a documentary filmmaker and artist based in Philadelphia. He has an MFA in film and media arts from Temple University and is currently an associate professor of radio, TV, and film at Rowan University. QUEST is Olshefski’s feature directorial debut and premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival.
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