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Re­defining the Docuseries with ATX Television Festival
60 min.

As reality TV rises to the peak of sensationalism, the expansion between what is considered “pure entertainment” vs. “quality television” has vastly grown. While sub­genres like “celebrity,” “lifestyle,” and “competition” still hold their place in the zeitgeist, it is the docuseries that has raised the bar, proving to not only be on par with scripted series, but often surpassing them with a new level of cinematic storytelling. By taking thought provoking, and at times educational, true stories that previously existed only in traditional documentaries and turning them into episodic, high quality docuseries, these producers and executives will discuss how they are playing a role in re­defining how the world looks at unscripted television.

Kurt Sayenga, Katie Dunn
Sarah Harris

Kurt Sayenga
EP/Showrunner (Nat Geo's "Breakthrough: Predicting the Future")
Katie Dunn
Writer/Producer ("Murder Made Me Famous")
Sarah Harris
(Senior Film Programmer, DIFF/DFS)
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