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Tunnel (Teoneol)
South Korea, 2016, 127 min., Color, Korean with English subtitles

With the news of a major tunnel collapse, South Korea is thrown into panic and the government rushes to put together a rescue plan. Dae-kyung (OH Dal-su), leader of the rescue team, tries various means to access the tunnel, but work proceeds at a frustratingly slow pace. Meanwhile, Jung-soo’s wife Se-hyun (Doona BAE) sends him messages of support through the only radio station he can hear under the tunnel, and keeps up hope that her husband will return alive.

Kim Seong-Hun's TUNNEL is an intimate action film that will have you holding your breath for two low-cell-phone-battery hours.

— James Faust
Kim Seong-hun
Kim Seong-hun
Kim Tae-sung
Kim Chang-ju
Ha Jung-woo, Doona Bae, Oh Dal-Su

Director Bio

Beginning with its enthusiastic reception in the Director’s Fortnight section of the 67th Cannes Film Festival, Kim Seong-hun’s previous film, A HARD DAY (2014) garnered accolades around the world. Kim’s sharp insight into everyday reality and his great directorial skills are now channeled into his new feature, TUNNEL.

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